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The Greatest MSN Conversation in History is the event that inspired the creation of Bro-Rangers.

Unfortunently, no logs of the conversation exist (that we know of), but this short summary gives the general idea of the events that took place. This was a conversation over Skype, so formatting matches that.

[5:12:11 PM] Blair 'Rabla' Andrews: Basically, it was late at night here in Aus (me and SL's time). Arcliff was on because thats like, morning or something over there.

[5:12:42 PM] Blair 'Rabla' Andrews: Me and SL were talking to Sarah, from England. She's online because she has a real sleep pattern

[5:13:14 PM] Blair 'Rabla' Andrews: We met Sarah on a Pokemon RolePlay she tried to start. She wasn't a TWEWY player at that point

[5:13:19 PM] Blair 'Rabla' Andrews: But yeah

[5:13:31 PM] Blair 'Rabla' Andrews: For whatever reason, we added Arcliff to that convo

[5:13:39 PM] Blair 'Rabla' Andrews: All was going pretty good

[5:13:49 PM] Blair 'Rabla' Andrews: Then suddently out of fucking nowhere, Kanon logs on

[5:14:11 PM] Blair 'Rabla' Andrews: I added him to the conversation because why not, we were all there already

[5:14:20 PM] Blair 'Rabla' Andrews: (This was before MSN invented Groups)

[5:14:38 PM] Blair 'Rabla' Andrews: Basically after a while it became a mess of yelling

[5:14:50 PM] Marnix Warren: It's Kanon.

[5:14:54 PM] Marnix Warren: He crazies shit up.

[5:15:05 PM] Blair 'Rabla' Andrews: Sarah ended up letting her friends talk to us because me and SL were somehow well known among that group

[5:15:14 PM] Blair 'Rabla' Andrews: And it got crazy from there

[5:15:18 PM] Blair 'Rabla' Andrews: Then Bro-Puns

[5:15:33 PM] Blair 'Rabla' Andrews: Then Arcliff said something about Gurren Lagann

[5:15:46 PM] Blair 'Rabla' Andrews: Well, the result of that was obvious

[5:16:03 PM] Blair 'Rabla' Andrews: Thats how we got to 'BRO BRO, FIGHT THE BRO-WAH'

[5:16:19 PM] Marnix Warren: XD

[5:16:28 PM] Blair 'Rabla' Andrews: Then SL said something along the lines of 'Bro Bro Bro-Rangers!'

[5:16:37 PM] Blair 'Rabla' Andrews: And thats when we got the idea

[5:17:05 PM] Blair 'Rabla' Andrews: So I threw together a small poster advertising the comic with the five of us in sprite form on it

[5:17:16 PM] Blair 'Rabla' Andrews: And the rest is history

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